Tooth Decay: Here is how to avoid tooth cavities naturally

Not to sound vain, I often receive several compliments on my dentition and the apparent absence of any sign of tooth decay. Besides my mother’s genes; other factors come into strong play: Proper Maintenance and Diet. Most People in the west pay very little attention to proper dental hygiene or use absurd chemical substances such as toothpaste containing the poisonous fluoride in a quest to avoid or perhaps repair tooth decay.

Furthermore, they wonder why halitosis still persists. Nothing more is required to clean the teeth than a firm tooth-brush and a little un-iodized sea-salt or if you are adventurous, a chew-stick (ask any African Friend if you have one.) Moreover, daily consumption of leafy veggies is essential as a natural step to curtailing tooth decay.

Tooth Decay: Causes of Cavities

Cavities or tooth decay can be caused by constant acidity in your mouth which is a consequence of over consumption of acid (mucus) forming foods. Eating these foods leads to acidic blood which would rob calcium from the bones as this is necessary to neutralize the acids. Which is one other reason to reduce high protein foods of the vegetable kingdom – such as excessive nuts and seeds, grains and legumes and why it is advised to abstain from animal products.

Eating foods that have excessively high potassium and phosphorus contents without the counter balancing calcium makes the body rob its own self of calcium which causes tooth decay. Honey is another culprit in the cause of cavities (along with white sugar).

No one is saying to not eat nuts and seeds or less harming grains like rice, millet, quinoa or amaranth but be sure to offset them with green leafy vegetables and of course reduce the consumption of them.

Obat Kuat Pria – By the way, for a way better source of first, proteins: instead of excessive nuts opt for avocadoes, green coconuts, dates and olives. Secondly for Carbohydrates: Sweet fruits and root vegetables.

Illustrated below will be a recommended method of cleaning the teeth.

Tooth Decay: Preventive Measures and Cleaning Procedures.

1, First rinse the mouth with a little saline water first thing in the morning.
2. Now brush the teeth first in an up-and-down rotary, motion, working the upper incisors, canines, molars and premolars. (Ensure to brush the anterior regions)
3. Perform the same procedures in 2 on the lower teeth.
4. Rinse the mouth again with saline water.
5. Now massage each tooth with your clean index finger, ensuring that you reach the
wisdom teeth in the corners.
6. Rinse the mouth again.
7. Massage the gums with the fingers in a mild sideways motion. This is essential as it strengthens the gums and squeezes out the impure matters from its pores.
8. Rinse The mouth
9. Now massage the upper palate of the mouth all the way to top of the tonsils.
10. Rinse the mouth.
Also, keep in mind that nothing can cause tooth decay as fasts as nuts, seeds and grains in excess. According to research on the perfect health and excellent dentition of the Polynesians, whose diet was composed of 85% Starchy Root Vegetables, as soon as a change in their diet occurred by replacing their staple foods with grains, they started to experience excessive tooth decay early in childhood.

This goes to show that a diet comprised of mainly Fruits, leafy and root vegetables, will be the best choice to avoiding tooth decay along with the steps above.

Don’t permit yourself to be exploited by the many marketers and charlatans out to make a fast buck on the expense of the vulnerable, to gain a healthy and beautiful smile (and perfect health) first make the suggested change above to a healthier diet and apply the steps given above for lasting success.

Remember, in the words of Henry Ward Beecher:
“…A smile is the light in the windows of the face, by which the heart signifies it is at home and waiting…”
Make your smile beautiful starting today.

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